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Competitions & Medals

Medal Test

Doing a medal test is a great way of focusing your dance education towards a specific goal as well as building confidence and self-esteem, and rewarding your hard work with a certificate and medal.

There are 15 levels for a candidate to progress through starting with the Bronze Medal all the way to President's Award.

Medal tests can be taken in Latin American, Ballroom, Street Dance, Argentine Tango, Disco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Classical & Modern Sequence.

You will be assessed on different aspects of dance including rhythm, timing, footwork, technique and poise.

For a medal test, you can dance either with your partner or your teacher. During the test, you and your partner/teacher will be the only couple in the studio, with an examiner watching and taking notes.

A few weeks after your test, you will receive a copy of the examiner's notes plus your certificate and medal.

Medal tests are held twice a year, usually in May and November.

Photo of winners at BlackpoolDance Competitions
There are many dance competitions throughout the year with different dance societies. You can enter as many as you like and take your competitive dance career to many different levels.

These competitions have similar formats, however, each one has its own specific rules and special offerings.

During a dance competition you can expect to be judged on technique, style, level of advancement, showmanship and ability, and critiqued in comparison to others in your age division & level.

The benefits of competitive dance are numerous. Dance in any form teaches good posture, rhythm, coordination, strength, flexibility, classroom etiquette, discipline, commitment, social skills, and most of all it's great fun. These qualities are all magnified within the competitive dance world.

Goals are set and results are achieved. Pride, accomplishment, loyalty and teamwork are rewards that are far more important than the medals and trophies won.

For more information please call Philip Hurst on +44 7745 685548


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