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Children's Dance Styles

Acro & Acro Tots
Acro Dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements.

Boys Club
A boys only class with a combination of the different styles. The routines are designed just for the boys.

Cherubs & Mini Movers
A great class to introduce young children to the world of dancing. Designed for children aged 2-4 (although this is a guideline only). Very well structured and also fun. The class is split between fun playful dances, that are all cleverly selected to increase the children’s body awareness and develop movement, and teaching the basics of Cheer Dance, Street Dance, and Ballroom and Latin dances focusing on rhythm, timing, footwork and basic technique.

Cheer Dance
Cheer dance combines jazz style dance technique and technical work (tumbling, leaps, turns, kicks, splits and jumps). Cheer dance differs from a regular dance style in that it uses pom-poms in all its dance routines. Important characteristics of cheer dance routines include synchronization and visual effects, clean and precise motions, strong pom technique. Visual effects include level changes, group work, formation changes and use of poms.

Children's Ballroom & Latin American
Well structured classes that takes one of the more popular and well known styles of dance and makes it fun, informative and gives a great grounding for the children’s future in dancing. These two different styles are commonly brought together and, with 8 completely different dances, you will never get bored. Ballroom dancing consists of Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Quickstep, and Latin American of Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and Jive.

HDS Fame Academy - Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, acting, and dance.

Junior Mix
A great class to introduce young children to the world of dance. Designed for children aged 5-7 (although this is a guideline only). Very well structured and also fun, this class teaches the basics of Ballroom & Latin, Street Dance, Cheer Dance and Acro Dance.

Lyrical dance is a style created by merging Ballet and Jazz. The style is usually danced at a faster pace than Ballet but not as fast as Jazz.

Street Dance
Street dance is one of the fastest growing dance styles in the UK. It involves hip hop and funk dance styles, including breakdance, popping and locking. Students will learn the commercial street style dancing to well known current chart music like a lot of the dancers on music videos and MTV.

Urban Street
The Urban Dance style stems mainly from hip-hop and street dance styles (house, funk, pop, lock, and breaking) and also draws inspiration from other dance styles, such as: jazz, contemporary, tap, and more. 

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